We Can Save Our Nation

Michael Erickson responds to a friend who suggests that America may be beyond the tipping point, in terms of her downward spiral into godless Marxist Fascism. While he acknowledges that the situation is dire, he continues to have hope.

Vatican Cracks Down on U.S. Nun Organization

Michael Erickson writes to a friend, in response to a news story within the Huffington Post about how the Vatican is cracking down on a defiant nun organization. He makes a broader comment on the importance of Church discipline in properly orienting the faithful into Christ Jesus and in resurrecting the West.

Political Ruminations in Response to a Good Friday Procession

Michael Erickson witnesses a Good Friday procession within central Mexico. It inspires a broader consideration of the virtue of remaining pragmatic. He comments that we who are engaged in the larger political disputes should aim to do good, but little, gestures, in line with our diminished capacities. He concludes that it is good enough - and perhaps best of all - if we do no more than to condescend to righteousness.

The Necessity of Courage in a Great President

In response to an editorial in the Wall Street Journal, which condemns President Obama as a "not so smooth operator," Michael Erickson offers his comment on what distinguishes a great President from a mediocre or a poor President.

Where Newt Gingrich Went Wrong

As Newt Gingrich fades in the polls for the upcoming Florida Republican primary, the prospects increase substantially that Governor Romney will win the GOP nomination. Romney is far from being a perfect candidate and will have some serious deficiencies in his appeal to "Reagan Democrats" and Independents against President Obama. As we consider where Newt Gingrich went wrong, though, a strong case may be made that his unique deficiencies have made him a particularly hard sell for Republican primary voters.

We Need to Amend our Federal Constitution to Allow for National Referendum Elections

A friend inquires of Michael Erickson what is to be done with an out of control federal government, if indeed the United States Constitution does not allow for a state or the states to nullify federal laws. Michael Erickson responds as follows.

State Nullification Undermines Federalism

In response to a letter from a friend, Michael Erickson offers his own comments with respect to the doctrine of state nullification.

Why I am Okay with the Holidays

Every year, like clockwork, there are an array of news stories and lawsuits regarding the extent to which the "holidays" may be referred to as "Christmas." Christian groups wage boycotts against retailers who will not say "Merry Christmas" to their customers, and right of center media like FOX News will send reporters chasing after loopy governors in State Capitols who dare to sponsor "Holiday Trees" over their Christmas counterparts. Michael Erickson offers his view on this annual controversy.

A Christian on Hitchens' Atheism and Lowe's Muslim Problem

Time Columnist Tim Padgett pens "A Christian on Hitchens' Atheism and Lowe's Muslim Problem," in which he castigates the fundamentalists on both sides of the question of whether there is a God. He advocates what appears to be a reasonable, middling position, one that eschews fundamentalism per se in favor of a predilection for tolerance and goodwill. Michael Erickson responds as follows.

Bachmann May Be the Best Bet - If We Insist Upon an Alternative to Romney

A friend highlights a National Review critique of Newt Gingrich. In response, Michael Erickson offers his own thoughts first on Gingrich and then on the others vying for the 2012 Republican Party nomination for the Presidency.
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